24 Hour VC Headline News (Beta)

howardlindzon Feed Tuna to the Mayo

1 Jun 2023, 5:01 am   @HOWARDLINDZON

Jason Waiting for them to break into “we shall overcome (the $17 free avocado toast at Amazon HQ)”

1 Jun 2023, 4:51 am   @JASON

pkedrosky Today in burying the real news, FT edition

1 Jun 2023, 3:42 am   @PKEDROSKY

thesamparr For the record: I’m team zuck and think he can do it.

1 Jun 2023, 2:25 am   @THESAMPARR

thesamparr Ok this is awesome

1 Jun 2023, 2:22 am   @THESAMPARR

howardlindzon party round was something we called ‘putz round’ internally

1 Jun 2023, 12:52 am   @HOWARDLINDZON

pkedrosky Of course, there is lots of marketing bullshit around going in large companies wrt what is and isn't AI, with many companies relabeling anything vaguely algorithmic as "AI", just for the LOLs and p/e kicks. On the other hand, plugins are making GPT-4 more than fancy autocorrect.

1 Jun 2023, 12:27 am   @PKEDROSKY

pkedrosky Remarkable data, but still trying to puzzle through how downtown San Diego is at 99% of normal cell phone traffic. Does this data include the San Diego Zoo? The ballpark?

1 Jun 2023, 12:25 am   @PKEDROSKY

intelcapital Congrats to @AyarLabs for raising $25M in C1 #funding, bringing their round total to $155M 🥳Learn how Ayar Labs will use the funds to advance their optical I/O solutions, address future #generative #AI roadblocks and expand product development below:

1 Jun 2023, 12:04 am   @INTELCAPITAL

NEA 👏🏽 Congratulations, @StriveHealthUS! $166 million in Series C funding from @NEA @CVSHealth Ventures and others... Learn more: #valuebasedcare #kidneycare #striveon

31 May 2023, 11:40 pm   @NEA

intelcapital Yesterday, @Minio's @garimakap shared her insights with @bizjournals’ "In Her Own Words" on building a successful business venture, the importance of picking the right problem and how it propelled MinIO to become the number one alternative to @AWS #S3.

31 May 2023, 11:19 pm   @INTELCAPITAL

intelcapital CEO and cofounder of @SambaNovaAI, @RodrigoLiang joined The Full Ratchet Podcast (@TFR_Pod) to discuss why #AI is still being underhyped, innovating at the hardware layer and why the future of AI is #opensource. Listen to the episode below.

31 May 2023, 10:33 pm   @INTELCAPITAL

 Singapore FinTech Festival 2023 to explore applications of AI in financial services

31 May 2023, 9:17 pm   GOOGLE

 Leading private investigators Fusion and Guidepost clash over role of journalist-consultant ...

31 May 2023, 9:05 pm   GOOGLE

 Artificial Intelligence to take centre stage at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2023

31 May 2023, 8:07 pm   GOOGLE

BessemerVP What is the “ideal profile” of growth vs. profitability for startups? @NextBigTeng breaks down the basics from Bessemer. ⭐️ 100% Revenue Growth ⭐️ 1.2X Burn Multiple ⭐️ Rule of 40 as the North Star For more insights, watch our full presentation.

31 May 2023, 7:58 pm   @BESSEMERVP

 Championing The Cause Of Animals In Boca Raton Is Pranav Arora - Digital Journal

31 May 2023, 6:18 pm   GOOGLE

jeffnolan Clint Eastwood is 93 years old today. Living testament to just keep working and you will live longer.

31 May 2023, 5:55 pm   @JEFFNOLAN

 Pranav Arora's Remarkable Story Of Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy - FinancialContent

31 May 2023, 5:08 pm   GOOGLE

 MP SPEAKS | Making KL a regional startup hub - Malaysiakini

31 May 2023, 5:07 pm   GOOGLE

jeffnolan logistics is a tough nut to crack, but Flexport seems to be well-positioned

31 May 2023, 3:26 pm   @JEFFNOLAN

bfeld Registration for the Summer 2023 edition of the Venture Deals Online Course is now open.

31 May 2023, 3:21 pm   @BFELD

bfeld Registration for the Summer 2023 edition of the Venture Deals Online Course is now open.

31 May 2023, 3:21 pm   @BFELD

jeffnolan In both companies, the conflicting statements from mgmt only inflamed the tensions. The crisis PR playbook needs revisiting, the current approach is not working. The risk of long term brand damage is high, in the case of $BUD it has already happened. They torched the brand

31 May 2023, 3:03 pm   @JEFFNOLAN

jeffnolan the collapse of $BUD over the last 45 days is breathtaking. Consumer protests rarely have any meaningful impact, but in this case there is a market with fungible product offerings. The situation here, and at $TGT, was made worse through CEO statements

31 May 2023, 3:01 pm   @JEFFNOLAN

NEA 👀@sanalabs raises additional $28M led by @NEA to build the universal AI platform for the enterprise. Congratulations! 🚀

31 May 2023, 2:59 pm   @NEA

NEA 🎉 Congratulations, @Kira_Learning! $15M Series A raised for platform to empower K-12 teachers and students to teach and learn computer science 💻 We're thrilled to continue working with @Andy_Pasinetti and the team! 🤝🏽

31 May 2023, 2:44 pm   @NEA

 Jodi Balfour Dishes On 'Ted Lasso,' Career & More - Grazia

31 May 2023, 2:00 pm   GOOGLE

 Blockchain Analytics Company Nansen Lays Off 30% of Its Workforce - Herald Sheets

31 May 2023, 1:25 pm   GOOGLE

intelcapital Congratulations to @deep_sentinel for raising a $15M funding round 🎉 Read more about how the company offers seamless integration of hardware, software & monitoring services to accelerate #AI-powered virtual guard #security:

31 May 2023, 12:15 pm   @INTELCAPITAL

 What to Know About the Jordanian Crown Prince's Wedding - TIME

31 May 2023, 9:58 am   GOOGLE

 Bybit Exits Canada as Regulations Prove a Double-Edged Sword - BeInCrypto

31 May 2023, 9:29 am   GOOGLE

 Column - Leveraging AI & ML in MedTech: Purpose-Built Applications

31 May 2023, 7:08 am   GOOGLE

 If Inflation has Peaked, Expect M&A Deal Activity to Pick Up Meaningfully | by Marc Patterson

31 May 2023, 7:00 am   GOOGLE

 Rohit Krishnan - Freethink

31 May 2023, 6:01 am   GOOGLE

 How NVIDIA Co-Founder Jensen Huang Bought 20% Of The Company For Just $200

31 May 2023, 4:49 am   GOOGLE

 A group of venture capitalists is rallying around Joe Lonsdale's new university in Austin

31 May 2023, 4:37 am   GOOGLE

 Big cash infusion to boost Durham startup 410 Medical's critical care efforts

31 May 2023, 4:27 am   GOOGLE

 how to get a credit card at 16 - why is my credit card restricted - menafn

31 May 2023, 3:48 am   GOOGLE

 How to benefit from Bitcoin volatility with market analysis and trading bots - Cointelegraph

31 May 2023, 3:26 am   GOOGLE

 Who is Chris Jurasek: Chelsea's new Chief Executive Officer - FootTheBall

31 May 2023, 3:04 am   GOOGLE

 Two Crypto Sectors Will Reward Those Who Pay Attention, Says DeFi Veteran Arthur Cheong

31 May 2023, 2:15 am   GOOGLE